Authentic Beauty Concept - Brand Spotlight

Authentic Beauty Concept - Brand Spotlight


Authentic Beauty Concept from Henkel

The Authentic Beauty Concept brand was launched in the UK in 2019. Part of the globally recognised Henkel group, Authentic Beauty Concept, or ABC as it is also known, is a premium holistic hair care and styling brand.

Created together with hairdressers and artisans that share the same values and beliefs, the #authenticbeautymovement is a unique community that embraces fresh attitudes towards what authentic beauty really is. Their mission ….. to provide an honest, simple approach to hair care that people from all walks of life can relate to.


The Authentic Beauty Concept Beliefs

Pure Formulas

The Authentic Beauty Concept believes that what you leave out is as important as what you put in. All formulas for both hair care and styling are therefore created with a free-from philosophy and as such do not contain sulfates, parabens, silicones, mineral oils or artificial colourants.

Instead, products are formulated using a special combination of purified natural extracts, paired to meet the specific needs of a variety of different hair types.


Extracted, Purified and Preserved …..

As part of the brand’s initial research process, the team sought out a wide variety of natural beauty products to establish the effectiveness and suitability of each ingredient. They also explored the traditional uses of a wide range of botanical ingredients from around the world and combined the best of both to create formulas that really deliver. 

To extract the essence of each plant, the raw ingredients are surrounded with ultrasound waves to gently press them into a concentrate. This is then distilled, using steam to extract the true essence of the ingredient, similar to the method used when making an eau-de-parfum. This eco-sound® process preserves heat-sensitive molecules that would otherwise be destroyed.


No Filter Attitude

The philosophy adopted by Authentic Beauty Concept is to ‘be yourself’. The brand supports individuality and character believing that it is our openness, honesty and directness that truly gives us beauty.


Authentic Hair

This third belief builds on the concept of the ‘no filter’ attitude, promoting the natural beauty that already exists in each of us. Whilst hair care products create the perfect canvas, it is the styling products that craft the loose textures of beautiful hair. Authentic Beauty Concept’s ‘no styling’ approach invisibly enhances locks to produce touchable hair that is effortless in every way.


Mindful Packaging 

All bottles, jars, cans, bags and packaging are recyclable. As of 2021, the company started the switch to 80% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic – packaging that is made purely from previously discarded items, such as plastic bottles.


Vegan Formulas

Authentic Beauty Concept formulas do not test on animals or contain animal-derived ingredients, nor do they contain microbeads which are damaging to our water environments. All vegan products are registered with the Vegan Society™.



Each ingredient used is ethically sourced and has a transparent value chain. In addition, the company supports a number of social enterprises such as the Sustainable Guar Initiative, a programme that enhances the livelihoods of thousands of small-holding guar bean farmers in India.


The Ranges:

Authentic Beauty Concept Hydrate Range – For Dry Hair

  • Hydrating & Soothing
  • Purifying
  • Regenerating & Revitalising

The mango fruit and basil leaf extracts make this hydrating, pampering formula smell divine! The fact these ingredients also contain vitamins and minerals, have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties is just a massive bonus.












Authentic Beauty Concept Hydrate Cleanser For dry hair


Authentic Beauty Concept Replenish Range – For Damaged Hair

  • Nourishing & Soothing
  • Antioxidant
  • Moisturising & Anti-inflammatory

Maple and pecan extracts are the superfood ingredients in this Replenish formula. Recognised as sources of energy and strength, these vegan ingredients promote strong and shiny hair.     










Authentic Beauty Concept Replenish Conditioner For damaged hair


Authentic Beauty Concept Glow Range – For Coloured Hair

  • Toning & Energising
  • Firming
  • Moisturising & Conditioning

An ultra-sensual signature range designed specifically to enhance coloured hair. Contains extracts of date and cinnamon which are recognised for their toning, firming, moisturising, energising and conditioning properties – to ensure your hair glows in a beautifully, natural way. 






Authentic Beauty Concept Glow Mask For coloured hair


Authentic Beauty Concept Amplify Range – For Fine Hair

  • Regenerating & Hydrating
  • Antioxidant
  • Energising & Anti-inflammatory

Add a little va-va-voom to your hair! This fresh and natural luxury range is formulated with green tea extract, mandarin and a touch of invigorating lime to add both body and volume.










Authentic Beauty Concept Amplify Mousse


Authentic Beauty Concept Bare Cleanser – For All Hair Types 

  • Moisturising
  • Allergy-friendly

This shampoo with Spirulina Extract gently cleanses all hair and scalp types. It is particularly suitable for stressed hair as it helps to moisturise and protect the natural barrier of the scalp.  










Authentic Beauty Concept Bare Cleanser


Authentic Beauty Concept Deep Cleansing Shampoo – For All Hair Types

  • Removes impurities
  • Gets rid of build-up

This specially formulated shampoo is particularly suitable for removing a build-up of greasiness, oils, dirt and pollutants yet is still free from harsh chemicals, leaving hair refreshingly clean but damage free!









Authentic Beauty Concept Deep Cleanse Shampoo


The beauty with the ABC range is that you can mix and match products across the ranges to address multiple hair needs, for example if your hair is coloured but lacking in moisture you can opt for the glow shampoo but mix it with a hydrate conditioner. Similarly if your scalp was feeling super sensitive you could use the bare cleanser with the most appropriate conditioner for your hair type.

Not sure which is the best product combination for you? Then let us know and we’ll make a recommendation. Simply contact a member of the team on




Joseph Ferraro Hair (JFH) Ltd is a team of professional stylists that deliver exceptional hairdressing services for the individual. Owned and founded by Authentic Beauty Concept Ambassador and North Eastern Hairdresser of the Year (2016), Joseph Ferraro, the JFH team is dedicated to providing expert hair care.