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Easilocks 20" Volume Bouncy Clip In Ponytail - Vanilla Balayage

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The Volume Bouncy clip-in ponytail offered by the brand is a fabulous hair extension that allows you to achieve a look famously worn by Ariana Grande. You can easily recreate this style at home in just minutes, and it will elevate your overall appearance, especially for a night-out-on-the-town look.

The Volume Bouncy ponytail is designed to provide you with 20 inches of pure bouncy hair-heaven, giving you a glamorous and voluminous look. It is recommended as the perfect finishing touch to your hairstyle for a special occasion or when you want to make a statement.

To apply the Volume Bouncy clip-in ponytail:

  1. Begin by tying your natural hair into a sleek ponytail or bun.

  2. Open the clips of the ponytail and position them around your natural tied-up hair to secure the ponytail in place. Then, wrap the velcro strap around the base of your ponytail or bun to ensure a secure fit.

  3. For a seamless blend, use the additional side piece provided to cover the base of the ponytail.

  4. Style the ponytail as desired to achieve the voluminous and bouncy look you desire.

To care for the Volume Bouncy ponytail:

  1. When shampooing the ponytail, use cool water to prevent damage to the synthetic hair. Lather the product in a gentle vertical motion to avoid tangles and maintain the hair's quality.

  2. After shampooing, towel dry the hair to remove excess moisture. Apply conditioner and comb through the ponytail before rinsing as usual.

  3. During blow-drying, keep a distance of at least 2 inches from the hair to prevent heat-related damage.

  4. When styling, you can use heat up to 150 degrees, but it is essential to use Heat Protection products to protect the hair from potential heat damage.

In conclusion, the Volume Bouncy clip-in ponytail is a quick and easy solution to achieve a glamorous and voluminous hairstyle, as popularized by Ariana Grande. With its simple application and heat-friendly design, it offers an instant swishy and bouncy look that can elevate any outfit or occasion. Proper care, including gentle shampooing, towel drying, and using heat protection during styling, ensures the longevity and performance of the ponytail, allowing you to enjoy a stunning and head-turning look with ease.

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