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Fibre Clinix Vibrancy Gift Set

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Elevate the Brilliance of Your Colored Hair with the Fibre Clinix Vibrancy Pack!

Rediscover Vibrant Color: Unveil the secret to lasting colour with the Fibre Clinix Vibrancy Pack. This meticulously crafted set, which includes Vibrancy Shampoo and Fibre Clinix Treatment, is your passport to hair that looks as vibrant as the day you stepped out of the salon.

🌈 Enhanced Color Intensity: Our Vibrancy Shampoo and Treatment work in harmony to connect your hair's internal bridges, amplifying the intensity of your colour. Your hair will radiate with unparalleled vibrancy that refuses to fade.

🏆 Triple Bonding Technology: The Fiber Clinix Treatment, enriched with C21 and a revolutionary triple bonding technology, is your guardian against colour fade. It not only maintains your coloured hair but also strengthens the very core of each strand.

🌿 In-Depth Nourishment: Our formula doesn't just stop at colour enhancement; it delves deep into your hair to provide comprehensive care. Your hair will feel soft, strong, and exude an irresistible shine.

👜 Gift of Elegance: And to top it off, we've included a stylish toiletry bag with this vibrant set, so you can enjoy your hair care routine with a touch of sophistication on the go.

How to Apply:

  1. Vibrancy Shampoo: Start your transformation by applying the Vibrancy Shampoo to wet hair. Massage gently, then rinse thoroughly. You can repeat the process if desired.

  2. Vibrancy Treatment: Follow up with the Vibrancy Treatment on towel-dried hair. Leave it to work its magic for 10 minutes. Want an even more intense experience? Mix 15-25g of treatment with 3-5 doses of the Fibre Clinix Booster and let it infuse your hair for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.

Emerge from your hair care ritual with a renewed sense of vibrant beauty. Your coloured hair will thank you for this luscious treat.

Discover the secret to lasting colour and vibrant, resilient hair. Make every day a "salon day" with the Fibre Clinix Vibrancy Pack. Shop now!

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