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  • Head Jog Head Jog Light Radial Brush 33mm
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Head Jog

Head Jog Light Hair Brush 33mm

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The Head Jog Light Radial Brushes are a series of hairbrushes designed to provide a comfortable and efficient hair styling experience. These brushes feature patented, lightweight mesh handles that come in a stylish matte finish, adding to their overall appeal. The barrels of the brushes are coated with black ceramic, which allows for even heat distribution during styling, promoting a healthy, smooth finish with added shine to the hair.

Key features of the Head Jog Light Radial Brushes include:

  1. Thermal cushion: The brushes are equipped with a thermal cushion, which helps to protect the hair from excessive heat during styling and ensures a smooth and gentle brushing experience.

  2. High heat resistant nylon bristles: The bristles used in the brushes are made from high heat resistant nylon material, making them durable and long-lasting, even when used with heat styling tools.

  3. Anti-fatigue design: The Head Jog Light range is designed to be lightweight, reducing the strain on the user's hand and wrist during extended styling sessions, making them anti-fatigue brushes.

  4. Ventilation and airflow: The mesh design of the handles allows for ventilation and targeted airflow, optimising the comfort, movement, and control while using the brushes.

In summary, the Head Jog Light Radial Brushes offer a combination of style, functionality, and comfort for a smooth and effective hair styling experience. The lightweight mesh handles, black ceramic coated barrels, thermal cushion, and high heat resistant nylon bristles make these brushes durable and user-friendly. They are designed to provide a healthy, smooth finish with added shine to the hair while reducing fatigue during use. Whether for professional use in a salon or personal use at home, these brushes aim to enhance the hair styling process and ensure maximum comfort and control.

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