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Sebastian Professional

Sebastian Professional Dark Oil and No Breaker Strong and Sleek Hair Gift Set (Worth £64)

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Introducing the Sebastian Professional Dark Oil and No.Breaker Strong & Sleek Hair Gift Set, your ticket to luscious, salon-worthy locks! This dynamic duo packs a punch with its powerful styling and hair repair capabilities, promising you the enviable body and shine you've always dreamed of.

Set Contents:

1. Styling Dark Oil 95ml
Unleash the magic of Dark Oil Lightweight Styling Oil, a secret blend of natural oils that effortlessly smooths your hair, adds volume, and leaves you with a tantalizing fragrance. Thanks to its innovative DiffusX technology, it disappears into your hair, granting you a sleek and glossy finish. Your hair will thank you for this luxurious treat!

2. No.Breaker Bonding and Styling Treatment 100ml
Say goodbye to hair breakage with the No.Breaker Bonding and Styling Treatment! This leave-in spray is your hair's guardian angel, providing up to 99% less breakage compared to low-conditioning shampoos. Enriched with malic acid and styling polymers, it's the ultimate repair solution for even severely damaged hair, all while giving you that much-coveted volume.

Experience the transformation as you style your hair with confidence and grace. Your hair will feel stronger and look more stunning than ever.

Directions for Use:
- For the Styling Dark Oil, apply 1-2 pumps to dry or damp hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends. Style as usual, and re-apply to dry hair when needed.
- The No.Breaker Bonding and Styling Treatment is your weekly hair savior. Shake before use, and spray evenly on damp hair, keeping it 15cm away from the roots to the tips. No need to rinse! Simply blow dry and style as you usually would.

For the ultimate hair-care experience, make the Sebastian Professional Dark Oil and No.Breaker Strong & Sleek Hair Gift Set a part of your routine. Revel in the transformation as your hair becomes your crowning glory, exuding strength, shine, and sheer elegance. Don't miss out on this opportunity to pamper yourself and your hair – get yours today!

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