How Can I Protect My Hair In The Sun?

How Can I Protect My Hair In The Sun?

Now that the weather is slightly better it’s a little easier to believe that summer is finally on its way!

Whilst we’re all looking forward to the holiday season - spending days at the beach, lounging by a pool or just kicking our shoes off and chilling in the sun, it’s the time of year when our hair can really suffer.

The fact is sun damage can sneak up on you. Unlike your skin, which shows immediate signs of becoming burnt, the same cannot be said for your hair. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Prolonged exposure to the harmful effects of UV rays can make hair feel like straw. It may become dry and brittle or you might notice that it’s frizzier than usual or that you have a greater number of split ends. You may also find that your colour starts to lose its vibrancy and lustre; darker colours showing serious signs of colour-fade or highlighted locks appearing lighter and brassier than usual.

Whilst you might be diligently protecting your skin from the harsh rays of the sun, what are you doing to protect your hair?

In this blog we explore the consequences of too much sun exposure and look at some of the latest products on the market to help shield against its harmful influence.


How Does the Sun Damage my Hair?

Sunlight consists of ultraviolent (UV) rays – a band of the electromagnetic spectrum with a specific wavelength of between 10nm (nanometers) to 400nm. This means that UV rays stand somewhere between visible light, which the human eye can see, and much shorter X-rays. They are strong enough to cause chemical reactions in compounds; for example strengthening bones in mammals, so it’s of little surprise to find that UV rays can also affect your hair.

There are two basic types of ultraviolet rays that reach the earth’s surface – UVA and UVB. It is the UVA radiation that is responsible for the colour changes you will see in your hair, whilst UVB rays are accountable for hair protein loss – particularly the loss of keratin.


How do UV Rays Affect my Hair?

Healthy hair has an outer layer of lipids that serve as a natural moisture barrier to protect hair from environmental factors. UV rays damage this layer, breaking down the barrier and causing moisture loss. The result, severely dehydrated hair that is dull, frizzy and lifeless.

Unfortunately the damage doesn’t stop there. UVB rays also penetrate the internal protein (keratin) structure of your hair, causing it to lose elasticity and leaving it weak and prone to split ends and/or breakage.

The absorption of UV rays will cause melanin pigments inside the hair’s cortex to break down too resulting in hair becoming lighter. The level of ‘colour fade’ can depend on the type, size and quantity of melanin that is found naturally in your hair. 


How do I Protect my Hair in the Sun?

Prevention really is better than cure, so if you’re heading off on holiday or hitting the sun lounger consider using a hair product that contains sunscreen. These create a barrier to UV light whilst also containing a number of other protective ingredients that help to reflect and scatter harmful UVA and UVB rays.  


Here are a few of our stylist’s favourite products that will keep you protected during the summer months:


Authentic Beauty Concept Glow Spray Serum (200ml) £35

This multi-benefit sprayable serum contains a UV-Protection Booster that shields hair from damage caused by sun exposure, whilst also offering heat protection up to 230°C. It is enriched with Deep Sea Water Ferment and Ruby Algae, known for reinforcing the hair fibre and protecting hair against pollution.


  • Free from parabens & silicones
  • Preserves coloured hair and enhances colour longevity
  • Provides intense shine and protects hair from negative effects of UV-exposure



Authentic Beauty Concept Glow Spray Serum 200ml




Colour Wow, Money Mist £25.95

A luxury but light, leave-in conditioner for all hair types that promotes instantly stronger, glossier looking hair.

Money Mist from Colour Wow works to strengthen individual hair strands, supporting healthy hair growth. It is easy to use and ultra-light so won’t weigh hair down.

  • Powerful detangler reduces breakage
  • Moisturises + defrizzes for smooth, silky, luxe texture 
  • Heat protectant + UV protectant

Color Wow Money Mist 150ml


Insight Professional, Protective Hair Spray £25

This protective and nourishing spray defends hair from the harmful effects of UV rays and sea salt.

Simply spray on the hair before and during exposure to sunlight.

  • Leaves hair feeling soft and moisturised
  • Contains extracts of organic coconut, hazelnut and jojoba oils

Insight Intech Heat Protection Shield


Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Sun Protect Hair & Body Bath £ 

This nourishing after sun cleanser gently purifies and revives sun-stressed hair. It removes the residues of sand, chlorine and salt water, rebalancing natural moisture levels of hair, scalp and skin.

  • Contains UVA/UVB filters to protect hair from damage
  • Protects against colour fade
  • Contains Buriti Oil, Sea Algae Extract, Panthenol and Allantoin


Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Sun Protect Travel Kit £22.50

This handy 3-in-1 sun protect travel kit contains cold pressed coconut; renowned for its nourishing properties and ability to protect against harmful bacteria, shea butter; an emollient to help smoothen sun-stressed hair and panthenol; a provitamin to nourish and replenish locks following sun exposure. 

  • Contains UVA/UVB filters to protect hair from sun damage
  • Advanced technology counteracts colour fade
  • Cleanses and treats hair before and after exposure to sunlight
  • Contains: 3 in 1 Scalp, Hair & Body Cleanse, 2 in 1 Treatment, Sun Protect 10 in 1 Summer Fluid


BC Bonacure Sun Protect - Travel Set for Sun





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