'Normal' hair loss is a very individual thing. Most people tend to have a sense of what this represents for them however if you’re starting to notice that you are losing a lot more hair than usual, it can suggest something is amiss. 

If you are currently dealing with this issue, don’t worry, there are things you can do to assist your body in its natural recovery process. At Joseph Ferraro Hair, we recommend a holistic approach that supports your body both internally and externally, boosting your immune system from within, whilst also tackling the issue topically.

Before we explain more about how these superhero products work, let's take a little look at how hair grows, what is considered normal in hair loss terms and the 3 contributory factors that affect it the most.


How Does Hair Grow?

Human hair grows from follicles. These are located at the junction of the deep dermis and the hypodermis. Each follicle contains a bulb, where living hair is formed.

The bulb is fed by a blood supply that delivers all the vital elements, such as amino acids, minerals and vitamins to the cells inside.

The hair cells then grow out of the hair follicle and a string of new cells are created in place of the old ones, leading to the strand-like appearance of your hair. This process is continual, the hair follicle repeatedly creating the new cells and pushing the old ones out, with the hair being rooted in your scalp. This process repeats over for anywhere between 2 – 6 years until the hair eventually falls out. 

The hair that we cut, colour, curl and straighten therefore is actually a non-living fibre, so whatever you do to your hair will have an impact on the condition of that fibre. If you think about your hair as you would a piece of favourite clothing you can’t go too far wrong.


How Much Hair Loss Is ‘Normal’?

We can lose anywhere between 50 – 100 hairs a day and probably not even notice. This is considered normal.

Anything over this level (700 hairs per week) is classed as excessive and may indicate an underlying issue.


When Should I Seek Advice

If you develop sudden extensive hair loss, bald patches or are losing your hair in clumps, seek the advice of a GP. Likewise, if your head itches excessively or burns it may be that you have developed a sensitivity to something you are either using or ingesting, which may require medical treatment.


What Factors Affect Hair Loss The Most?

  • External Factors:

One of the most common causes of hair loss is due to the excessive use of damaging hair products. These come in the form of cheaply manufactured shampoos that strip the hair of its natural oils. The overuse of hairdryers and hot tools can also cause hair breakage, leading to eventual hair loss. Regularly wearing hairstyles that pull the hair too tight (such as ponytails and clips) can have an impact too.

  • Internal Factors:

In other cases, hair loss or thinning hair can be caused by events that are happening within the body, a shift in hormones for example, an illness such as a thyroid, auto-immune or inflammatory condition, recent pregnancy, the use of certain medications, dramatic weight loss, poor diet or nutritional deficiency. 

If your body is lacking or missing the crucial nutrients needed to support hair growth it will obviously have a knock-on effect - which is why a good diet packed with vitamins and minerals is so important in the production of healthy hair.

Stressful events such as moving house, dealing with divorce or having surgery can also take their toll causing hair to shed at a much faster rate than normal.

  • Genetic:

Hair loss may also be genetic; the most common condition affecting both men and women known as androgenic alopecia. Men with this condition may present with thinning in the temporal areas that then advances to the crown, with women tending to notice a thinning around the crown area at the top of the head.


What Are The Best Hair Loss Products?

As excessive hair loss can often be caused by a combination of the above factors, it is preferable to treat the body as a whole, rather than just tackling one independent aspect of it.

Joseph Ferraro Online’s range of superhero products that tackle hair loss and thinning hair do just that, offering assistance both topically - through specially formulated hair care and styling products and also nutritionally - with immune supporting supplements and collagen boosting gels.


The Nioxin Range For Both Men & Women  

Supported by the Institute of Trichologists, NIOXIN produce a range of specially formulated hair thinning treatments that are tailored to suit different hair needs.

Products are designed to support a healthy scalp, as this gives your hair the best possible foundation from which to grow. Just like the look and health of your skin is greatly dependent upon using the right cleansers and products, the look of your hair will also significantly improve if you're caring properly for your scalp.

To view the full Nioxin range of haircare and styling products click here 

 Zooki with Marine Collagen

High strength, hydrolysed marine collagen in a tasty gel that you'll actually look forward to taking.

Using natural lipids designed to shield, protect and deliver nutrients directly into your system, Zooki's special formula supports your hair, skin, cartilage and bones from within!

One convenient, great tasting, sachet a day is all you need for healthier and more radiant looking hair and skin. 



Better Than Botox 

Better Than Botox is a rich 3 x superfood berry blend containing potent ingredients best known for their Vitamin C and Omega-7 content. This powerful plant-based collagen blend is perfect for those looking to promote elasticity & glow from within.


  • Sea Buckthorn - the richest source of Omega 7 that promotes healthier hair, skin and nails
  • Camu Camu - known as nature's vitamin due to its exceptionally high Vitamin C content
  • Schisandra Berry - capable of fighting the stress hormones that cause inflammation and redness in the skin 

Better Than Botox


Shanti For Hair & Health 

Shanti focuses on internal healing by building up hair strength, improving the skin's complexion, helping to reduce stress and lowering anxiety levels.

It keeps you focused and on track throughout the day to achieve your goals whether you are working, exercising or staying balanced. All this with Shanti's carefully selected ingredients that are backed by thousands of years of wisdom combined with modern day science.

  • 100% Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Ethically Sourced 
  • Cruelty Free



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