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Authentic Beauty Concept

Authentic Beauty Concept Glow Spray Serum 50ml

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Protect, style, and enhance your hair's natural beauty with our Glow spray serum —a multi-benefit spray that delivers intense shine while preserving the vibrancy of your coloured hair. Free from parabens and silicones, this serum is designed with a UV-Protection Booster to shield your hair from the damaging effects of sun exposure. Its heat protection technology withstands temperatures up to 230°C, making it perfect for blow-drying and hot styling tools.

Infused with Deep Sea Water Ferment and Ruby Algae, this unique formula reinforces your hair fiber and offers protection against environmental pollutants. The result is hair that looks healthy, radiant, and smooth, with enhanced color longevity.

To use, simply shake well and spray from a distance of 15–20 cm on towel-dry, clean hair before blow-drying. For extra shine, you can apply it to dry hair as well. Be sure to let the product dry before using hot styling tools.

We believe in creating products that align with our values. That's why our serum is vegan, registered by The Vegan Society™, and PETA-certified. Additionally, it's free from sulfates and silicones, ensuring a clean and simple formula that's kind to both your hair and the environment.

Experience the ultra-sensual signature scent, featuring rich, luminous notes of spicy dried fruits like dates and cinnamon flower, and a base of milky woods, vanilla infusion, and luxurious tonka. It's perfect for those who embrace the beauty of casual styles and textures that are perfect in their imperfection.

ColourGuard Heat Protecting Serum—because beautiful hair is about more than just what you see. It's about embracing the natural beauty within and allowing it to shine.

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