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Authentic Beauty Concept

Authentic Beauty Concept Replenish Gift Set

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£54.50 GBP

Dive into opulent care with the Authentic Beauty Concept Replenish Gift Set – a haven for your hair, thoughtfully curated and housed in a chic teddy bag.

Nourish your locks with the Replenish Cleanser, Replenish Conditioner, and a 30ml Shaping Cream, enriched with the goodness of soy protein, rice extract, sugar maple, and pecan nut. Bid adieu to sulfates, parabens, and silicones, as your hair indulges in the embrace of these color-safe, cruelty-free, and vegan formulations.

Elevate your hair care ritual with products born from ethical and sustainable processes. Ideal for those with damaged or fragile hair, this set is not just a gift – it's a sanctuary of indulgence. Whether you're gifting someone special or treating yourself, revel in the luxury and seize the chance to save £8. Authentic Beauty Concept Replenish Gift Set – where ethics meet extravagance.


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