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GHD Curve® Soft Curl Tong (32mm)

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The ghd curve® soft curl tong is a hair styling tool specifically designed to create big curls and soft waves. It features a 32mm large barrel with a spring-activated ergonomic lever, allowing you to easily wrap your hair around the tong and create voluminous curls and waves.

The soft curl tong includes a protective cool tip, which provides a safe place to hold the hair in place while you curl it. This feature helps to prevent burns and ensures a comfortable styling experience. Additionally, the built-in safety stand allows you to securely place the tong down during styling, reducing the risk of accidents or damage to surfaces.

The curl tong is equipped with a professional-length cord, which gives you flexibility and freedom of movement while styling your hair. It also features an automatic sleep mode that activates after 30 minutes of non-use, providing energy efficiency and peace of mind. Furthermore, the universal voltage feature allows you to use the tong anywhere in the world, making it a convenient travel companion.

The ghd curve® soft curl tong incorporates ultra-zone technology in the barrel. This technology recognizes each section of hair to ensure the correct styling temperature of 185°C is reached and maintained. By locking in styles and respecting the health of your hair, this technology ensures that your curls last throughout the day.

The soft curl tong is best suited for creating soft tumbling curls and adding volume at the root on all hair types. It works particularly well on longer locks, allowing you to achieve glamorous and voluminous hairstyles.

In summary, the ghd curve® soft curl tong offers a large barrel size, spring-activated lever, and protective features to create big curls and soft waves. With its professional-length cord, automatic sleep mode, and universal voltage, it provides convenience and flexibility for your hairstyling needs. The ultra-zone technology ensures the correct styling temperature, while the tool is best suited for soft tumbling curls and volume, especially on longer hair.

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