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  • Maintain the Mane Conditioner
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Original and Mineral (O&M)

O&M Maintain the Mane Conditioner

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Elevate your hair to new heights with O&M's "Maintain the Mane Conditioner" – a true gem for enhancing the allure of your locks. Here's why you'll adore it:

**Daily Hydration:** Crafted for daily indulgence, this elixir bestows your hair and scalp with unwavering hydration. Adequate moisture is the cornerstone of hair that's not just healthy but also effortlessly manageable.

**Pro Vitamin B5:** Enriched with Pro Vitamin B5, this conditioner's Panthenol magic dives deep to hydrate and transform your hair. The result? Hair that gleams with a radiant shine and newfound resilience.

**Banksia Extract:** Inspired by the native beauty of Australia, we've harnessed the essence of Banksia. This botanical wonder not only revitalizes your hair but also imparts a natural, refreshing fragrance.

**Transformative Effect:** Say hello to a mane that gets better with time. This conditioner works its magic, enhancing both the condition and appearance of your hair.

**Shield Against Environmental Rigors:** Consider this elixir your hair's protective cloak. It wards off the challenges posed by the environment – be it pollution, relentless UV rays, or the harshest of weather conditions.

In summary, this daily hydration elixir is your ticket to consistent moisture and nourishment, ensuring your hair always looks and feels its best.

With Pro Vitamin B5 and Banksia extract at its heart, it's not just about improving hair health but also creating an invisible shield against environmental stressors.

And here's a little extra just for you: Use Code "OM15" to unlock this secret to magnificent hair at a special price. Your hair deserves nothing but the best, and O&M delivers.

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